3 Reasons to Take Magnesium Oil on Vacation

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Everyone loves a vacation. You book it months in advance. You excitedly cross days off the calendar as your getaway approaches. You daydream about how you’ll spend your work-free days…

We want to give you one simple tip that will make your time off even better!

Pack magnesium oil for your vacation.

Hey, we get it.

Magnesium oil may not normally be at the top of your packing list. Maybe you prioritize your clothes and shoes, your prescriptions, or your swim suit. 

But, hear us out. 

Packing your travel sized bottle of magnesium oil will take your vacation to the next level. And who isn’t game for that?

What’re the benefits of bringing along your favorite magnesium supplement when you hit the road?

Traveling is stressful.

From requesting time off from work, to packing your bags, to landing a petsitter, to coordinating travel arrangements with your travel companions… it sometimes feels like a lot of work to relax. Magnesium oil helps balance out stress hormones so that you can spend less time worrying about the details.

You need to sleep.

No one wants to come back from vacation not feeling well rested. In fact, that’s pretty much the opposite of what you’re shooting for. But, we humans are creatures of habit. We like to sleep at home, in our own beds. And sometimes, we have a hard time falling asleep or we toss and turn throughout the night when we’re away from home. Magnesium oil is commonly used to combat insomnia, which can flare up when you’re traveling even if you usually sleep well. When you’re winding down from a day of travel, apply magnesium oil before bed to promote more restful sleep.

The world has germs. 

Think of all the sneezes and coughs that happen at airports, train stations, and rest stops. You cringed a little right? When we’re traveling, we’re exposed to a whole host of germs that would just love to invade our bodies. Magnesium plays a critical role in immune support and can help boost your body’s defense system.


You see? Magnesium oil really should be a priority when you’re making your packing list.

You look forward to vacations, and anything you can do to ensure you don’t spend the time away stressed, exhausted or sick is a MUST in our book.

We think using magnesium oil on the go is so important, that we created a highly portable travel size! So next time you pull out your suitcase, make sure you pack your magnesium oil, you’ll be glad you did.

Safe travels!

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