4 Reasons Magnesium Helps With Neuropathy

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) is a broad term and manifests itself in over 100 different ways. Symptoms can include “abnormal cutaneous sensation, muscle dysfunction and, most notably, chronic pain.” (1) Neuropathy is a common complication from diabetes, but is also seen in patients who do not have diabetes. Many people who suffer from neuropathy feel the most severe symptoms in their limbs, hands and feet. (2)

Living with chronic pain and discomfort is incredibly frustrating but more and more attention is being brought to potential natural remedies that can provide relief. Magnesium’s widespread role in the body, and particularly its hand in muscle function make it a natural option for treating neuropathy symptoms.


Diabetic Neuropathy

For patients with diabetes, a magnesium deficiency can increase the risk of suffering from neurological complications. Studies have concluded that remedying magnesium deficiency with supplements can prevent diabetic neuropathy from advancing. (3) Boosting your body’s magnesium levels on a consistent basis can help ward off nerve damage from the onset, and can help it from getting worse if you’re already experiencing symptoms.

Nerve repair

A study published in 2011 found that supplementing with magnesium improved neurological recovery and enhanced nerve regeneration. (4) Magnesium helps nerves repair themselves after injury. In addition, magnesium helps reduce inflammation and prevent cell death which can help restore nerve function. (3) That means that magnesium oil doesn’t just mask the symptoms of neuropathy, it can actually help your body to heal!

Pain reliever

Magnesium oil is a widely used pain reliever that’s great for headaches, sore muscles, and you guessed it… neuropathy pain. Apply magnesium oil directly to the area that’s bothering you for best results. If you’ve got tingly or painful feet, try a foot soak!

Sleep aid

If your extremities are tingling or in pain, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep. Aside from magnesium’s healing benefits to neuropathy specifically, it is also a natural sleep aid. Rub it on your feet at night as you’re winding down for bed to help fall asleep more easily and stay asleep through the night.

What’s the best way to use magnesium for neuropathy pain?

If you have nerve pain isolated to one area, you can apply magnesium oil directly to that spot on your body. Massage the oil in until it’s almost dry and let it absorb undisturbed for 20-30 minutes. 

Alternatively, you can add magnesium oil or magnesium bath flakes to a warm bath or foot soak. The warm water will help relax your body and enable your skin absorb the beneficial magnesium more easily. (5)

Using magnesium oil on a consistent basis is the best way to reap the benefits it has to offer. And supplementing with magnesium oil consistently can help deter peripheral neuropathy from advancing. (3)







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