4 Reasons Your Mom Wants Magnesium For Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day, we’re faced with the same question: “What makes a great Mother’s Day gift?”

Sure, you could go the flower route - but bouquets only last for a few days. Quality time is great, but with many of us under some sort of social distancing order - an extended family gathering isn’t really an option. But a Mother’s Day gift that can help your mom feel better and feel appreciated? Our Dead Sea magnesium might just fit the bill.

Sometimes moms have a habit of running around and caring for others, without pausing to take care of themselves. This year, consider giving your mom a gift for Mother’s Day that helps her find moments for self-care.

What would your mom get out of using topical magnesium you ask? There’s all sorts of benefits that our customers feel from implementing topical magnesium into their day to day.

These few benefits can be extra helpful for busy moms.

Restful sleep.

Moms manage a lot. Many days that means tackling a to-do list from when the alarm clock blares to bedtime. But despite being exhausted, drifting off to sleep can be tough, with racing thoughts keeping brains awake and firing at all cylinders. If the mom in your life has limited hours of shut-eye, she needs to make every minute of it count. Topical magnesium has a calming effect on the nervous system to help moms turn off their brains and drift off to sleep.

Little aches and pains.

If the mom in your life is on her feet all day, or is constantly lifting little ones, we can almost guarantee she has an ache or pain she’s dealing with. Our topical magnesium oil is a 100% natural remedy for sore muscles, cramps, and pains. For moms that can barely take a breather to consider an ache, our magnesium oil is a point and shoot solution. Simply spray the magnesium oil onto skin and rub it in to deliver a dose of magnesium directly to the affected area.

Restorative bath.

We know that soaking peacefully in a tub is a rare commodity for many moms. So when they DO get 20 minutes to soak, making the most of it matters. Adding Dead Sea bath flakes to a warm bath takes a bath from relaxing to downright therapeutic. Great for winding down after a long day, soothing sore muscles, and helping moms reset and recharge.

Calm stress and anxiety.

Budgets. Schooling. Keeping kids busy. It’s stressful. And some days it’s tough for moms to channel their inner zen. Magnesium oil is a quick way for moms to take just 30 seconds to themselves, supplement with magnesium, and help support their stress response.

The bottom line.

Moms are the best and with all this extra time at home, many of them are juggling even more than usual. Home-schooling. Working from home. Disinfecting everything. Washing hands. Trying to keep calm.

And even though Mother's Day might look a little different this year, it's not cancelled. If there's a mom in your life that's balancing A LOT, give them the gift of self-care this Mother's Day.

As always, we offer FREE shipping on all orders! So you can send a gift directly to your mom's address, with no extra charge to ship!

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