Bottling the Dead Sea

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Magnesium chloride, the main ingredient in our magnesium oil, is naturally found in salt water. So when we first started Magnum Solace, we had to narrow down which source we wanted to use to create our magnesium oil.

Our first step was to see if we could source domestically, and we tried making magnesium oil by using magnesium chloride from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. When we had our final product tested by our independent lab, we were disappointed to find that the magnesium oil tested positive for both arsenic and lead (no thanks!)

We knew right away that we couldn’t move forward using magnesium chloride from Utah, so we set our sights on one of the most historically therapeutic bodies of water… the Dead Sea. For thousands of years people have flocked there to float in the salty water and reap the healing benefits. We wondered if we could harness the same effect. It turns out, we can!

When we received our magnesium chloride flakes from the Dead Sea, we knew right away that we were on the right track. They were bright, pure white (whereas the flakes from the Great Salt Lake were off-white/grey in color).

When we made our product using the Dead Sea Magnesium chloride, the end result was a perfectly clear and odorless magnesium oil. And sure enough, when we had it tested by the lab it came back negative for all heavy metals and toxins.

Sourcing from the Dead Sea ensures that each bottle of our magnesium oil contains only purified water, Dead Sea magnesium chloride, and harmless trace minerals. 

We consistently quality assure each batch of our finished product to make sure that we are sending you the purest and safest magnesium oil on the market.

Our product is made by our family for yours. 

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