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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

We are a family-owned and operated business based in Houston, Texas. We are proud to manufacture each of our magnesium-rich products in the USA.

It all started when John got a tip from a coach…

While training for the 2008 USA Olympic Swimming Trials, my strength & sprint coach recommended that I incorporate magnesium oil into my healthcare and muscle recovery regimen. After a lot of research on the best magnesium types and sources, I decided to make my own magnesium oil so that I could ensure it contained the best possible ingredients. Once I whipped up my first bottle of magnesium oil, I was immediately hooked because I began sleeping better right away. It wasn’t long before my wife and I started making small batches of our recipe for family and friends on our kitchen table.

We quickly outgrew our kitchen and now we mix and bottle each batch of Magnum Solace magnesium oil in our warehouse in Houston, Texas. By manufacturing in the USA, we can ensure that only the highest quality ingredients make it into our magnesium oil (purified reverse osmosis water and magnesium chloride from the Dead Sea.)

Magnum Solace today…

We are continually improving our manufacturing process to ensure that we provide the purest and most effective magnesium oil available. We work to make sure that our products are meeting the needs of our customers and exceeding their expectations.

We have new products in the queue that we think you’ll love (stay tuned.) We’re honored to be able to help others feel better, naturally!

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