Magnesium can help you reach your New Year's Resolutions!

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Every New Year’s Day people set goals and resolutions for the year. If you’re among them, you know that sticking to your resolutions long term can be tough.

What if we told you that our 100% natural topical magnesium supplements can help you reach your goals, and feel better at the same time?

Common Resolution #1: Exercise more

If your goal is fitness related, you’re in good company. The New Year motivates waves of people to head to the gym, sign up for diet programs, and double down on health efforts. Some want to make a commitment to their general health, others want to hit a certain number on the scale, and others want to feel stronger or more confident.

Magnesium oil is a MUST for athletes and anyone embarking on a fitness regimen. It helps give you the energy you need during physical activity. Plus, it promotes muscle recovery so that sore muscles don’t keep you sedentary between workouts. 

Common Resolution #2: Get more sleep

Consistently getting too little sleep can be detrimental to your long term health. (1) If you’re making a vow to yourself to finally shift your sleep routine in a healthy direction, magnesium can help. Adequate magnesium levels reduce stress and tension to help you drift off to sleep quickly. Plus, it works to regulate your body’s hormones to help you sleep soundly through the night. As a perk, magnesium is less likely than other sleep aids to cause drowsiness upon waking in the morning.

An hour before bed, try a combination of dimming the lights, limiting screen time, and applying magnesium oil to the soles of your feet. Or, if you have plenty of time you can try soaking in a warm bath using our magnesium bath flakes.

Common Resolution #3: Reduce caffeine

For some of us, caffeine is the only way we can make it though the day. But if you find yourself crashing or getting headaches from lack of caffeine, you may want to find an alternative way to boost your energy. 

Magnesium supports the production of ATP which is responsible for creating energy in the body’s cells. When you provide your body with adequate magnesium, the result is an uptick in energy for you! Plus, if you’re getting better sleep at night (see tip #2) you automatically start the day on the right foot. 

Common Resolution #4: Be more present

Our day-to-day lives are often overwhelmed by overly-packed schedules and the constant use of phones, laptops, and other devices. At the end of the day, you might realize that you were so busy you didn’t take time to enjoy the people or experiences in your life. If being more mindful is at the tope of your resolution list, magnesium can help. 

Adequate magnesium levels helps reduce stress and anxiety so that you can tackle each day with a calm head. Plus, if you pair magnesium with a meditation routine, you may find that your overall sense of wellbeing improves with time.

Your mind and body need magnesium to function properly. Supporting your body’s overall health is a must for whatever you have planned for the New Year. We make supplementing easy with on-the-go magnesium oil. Throw it in your gym bag, in your car, or in your desk so that you’ve always got a magnesium boost nearby. 


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