Magnesium Oil for Kids

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

“Is magnesium oil safe to use on children?”

We get this question a lot because conscientious parents out there want to make sure they’re doing the best they can to support their children’s health.

Sometimes we forget, children aren’t that much different than adults, they’re just younger and smaller! 

That means that magnesium is just as important for their health and wellbeing as it is for yours. In fact, some of the rising levels of childhood health challenges are associated with magnesium deficiency, including ADHD, autism, and depression. (1) 

Some common benefits of using magnesium oil with children (1): 

1)    Promotes more restful sleep. 

2)    Relieves constipation. 

3)    Calms nerves and settles excitability.

4)    Soothes growing pains.

As always, we recommend starting slowly when anyone first begins incorporating magnesium oil into their routine. The same applies when kiddos are involved. Start with just a couple of sprays on your child’s feet to see how they respond, and be prepared to rinse it off if your child gets too bothered by any itching or tingling. If your child has sensitive skin, try mixing a couple of sprays of magnesium oil with their normal lotion or cream to help the oil be gentler on delicate skin.

Magnesium expert Carolyn Dean, MD ND Assures parents regarding the safety of magnesium:

“As for the safety of magnesium – there is no build up of magnesium in the body. If there is ‘too much’ then they get the laxative effect which takes magnesium out of the body.  But, don’t give a day’s worth of magnesium all at once. Spread it out.” (1)

Magnesium oil is a 100% natural and pure alternative that can help many children flourish, but every child is different.  Consult your child’s pediatrician before incorporating a new supplement into their routine.


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