Magnesium's Role with Diabetes

If you know anything about magnesium, you may know that it’s involved with over 300 reactions throughout the body.

One of the many roles magnesium plays involves metabolizing glucose and insulin sensitivity. (1) When everything is functioning properly, magnesium and insulin work in a reciprocal way. But magnesium deficiency can actually cause insulin resistance. The body then requires more insulin than normal to process glucose. (1) For those who are insulin resistant, there is an increased risk of developing pre-diabetes and/or type 2 diabetes.

Some studies have started to suggest that supplementing with magnesium can be beneficial for regulating glucose. One study concluded:

“In patients with metabolic impairment, high intake of magnesium (approximately 400 mg/day) was associated with a 38% lower risk of developing diabetes. In the total population, which included euglycemic patients, high magnesium intake was associated with a 51% lower risk of developing diabetes.” (1)

Another study found that in 50% of patients treated with magnesium improved their glucose tolerance from impaired to normal, with the placebo group only marking an improvement of 7%. (1)

While larger scale studies are needed, the results from existing research are encouraging with the prevalence of pre-diabetes and Type II diabetes on the rise in the U.S.

As with any supplement, if you’re under the care of a physician be sure to check with your doctor before adding magnesium to your healthcare routine.

And when you’re ready to give magnesium a go, our topical magnesium oil and bath flakes are a great option for getting more magnesium into your day-to-day routine.

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