Pure Magnesium Oil

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

We create our magnesium oil knowing that our customers are going to be absorbing it through their skin. That means it’s of the utmost importance to us that we create a 100% natural and safe magnesium oil that you can feel confident applying to your skin.

When creating our magnesium oil, we consider the purity of every ingredient. That means we start by creating an incredibly pure water. Using reverse osmosis filtration, every drop of water that goes into our magnesium oil first goes through a 6-stage purification process.

We start with ground source water, and begin by sending it through two carbon filters for the first round of purification. From there, the water goes through a finer carbon filter that removes any unwanted microns. Then, we have two more filters in place that remove pathogens and allergens. Finally, we let the finished water settle for upwards of two weeks to use gravity as one final step of filtration. We pull off the liquid and leave any silt that settled during the process behind.

6 steps later, we have incredibly pure water that we mix with our pure Dead Sea magnesium chloride. The end result is clear and odorless. We test each batch of our finished magnesium oil at an independent lab to make sure it doesn’t contain any heavy metals or toxins. Then, we send it to our customers, confident that each BPA-free bottle contains only what we intend - Magnesium chloride, purified water and trace minerals.

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